CatSci Ltd Announce Strategic Partnership with Reach Separations to Offer End-to-End Analytical Support from Discovery to Manufacture

CatSci Ltd, a scientifically-led, commercially-minded and award-winning innovation partner for medicines development, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Reach Separations, a specialist chromatography provider for the analysis and purification of small molecules.

This strategic partnership will enable CatSci’s customers to harness Reach’s expert automated capabilities to assist with the initial method development across several chromatographic platforms. Likewise, Reach customers can leverage CatSci’s expertise in analytical science, including advanced, digitally-enabled GMP method development and validation, ICH Q14 aligned workflows, ICH Q3D elemental analysis and batch release to ICH stability testing, extractables and leachables, and oligonucleotides analytical development.

Wherever the customer is in the pipeline, they will have access to holistic analytical offerings that will aid them from discovery through to manufacture. They can leverage all capabilities in analytical development as CatSci and Reach will work in synergy to deliver end-to-end analytical support with excellence in screening, method development, and GMP method validation.

This partnership enables customers access to the latest high-end analytical equipment, with validated connected CDS and LIMS  to maintain data integrity, as well as the latest HPLC and SFC separation technologies. A robust ICH Q14 method development lifecycle will be completed under one partnership, preventing silos that can lead to repeated work and lost information in transfer.

Dr Sam Whitmarsh, Director of Analytical Science & Digital Transformation at CatSci Ltd, said: “It is great to announce the collaboration between Reach Separations and CatSci. It is a formalisation of a long-standing relationship; we both share the same DNA when it comes to delivering analytical excellence for our customers and leverage the best separation science tools to solve problems. This collaboration provides customers with access to a comprehensive analytical science suite and end-to-end coverage of the analytical development lifecycle, taking them from discovery through to GMP manufacture. If you are looking for an expert to develop, validate, optimise, and tech transfer your methods, Reach and CatSci have what you need.”

Peter Ridgway, Business Development Director at Reach Separations, said: “It is wonderful to announce the collaboration between Reach Separations and CatSci. This represents a natural evolution of commerciality between two companies who share the same values and purpose of delivering scientific excellence to our customers. We will ensure fit-for-purpose outcomes whilst balancing this with longer term aims. In leveraging the best chromatographic tools to solve problems, our collaboration provides customers with access to excellence in separation science practices and knowledgeable end-to-end coverage of the whole pharma market from discovery to GMP manufacture. Reach Separations and CatSci will work together to provide a high-quality solution to any chromatographic and analytical challenge.”