Expertise & Technology

At Reach we have the extensive equipment and expertise to ensure that no sample sits in a queue.

We know that a rapid turnaround time is crucial to our clients and that is what they have come to expect – material back in the hands of their chemist, adding value, as soon as possible!

As an outsource purification provider we aim to make it as easy as possible for the synthetic and medicinal chemist. That is why we provide a safe and secure samples submission area, allowing you to book in your sample and supply sensitive data, as well as downloading a final report, without concern. We understand how important your sample is, that is why our scientists are available via phone and email, throughout the whole process.

Chiral Separations

We have the capacity to offer chiral separations starting from EE determinations through to the purification of hundreds of grams of racemate.

Chiral separations


Automated screening systems are key to our 98% success rate, allowing us to screen over 150 chiral conditions in less than 24 hours.


Once a method is identified your sample can move straight to purification and scale up can begin. With plenty of prep HPLC and SFC kit, no compound waits in a queue.

Achiral Separations

Achiral SeparationsAs part of our analytical tool kit we have both LC-MS and SFC-MS allowing us to carry out extensive method development and orthogonal purity analysis for all achiral jobs. We have dedicated prep achiral HPLC systems as well as SFC capabilities.

We can provide multi component resolutions, impurity isolation and reference standard generation alongside plate purifications and single sample purification from 5mg to 500g.

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Reach Separations employs both HPLC and SFC to offer rapid turnaround for all samples entering the laboratory.

All samples, whether for chiral or achiral purification are screened using both HPLC and SFC.

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) increases the rate at which we can both screen and purify. The Supercritical CO2 has a very low viscosity, allowing faster flow rates and therefore quicker run and equilibration times. An organic modifier, typically an alcohol, is mixed with the CO2 at varying percentages to control the retention time and resolution of the peaks.

On a preparative scale, in addition to the increased speed and faster flow rates, SFC offers faster dry down time as the CO2 is removed by the gas-liquid separator, leaving the sample in a reduced volume of alcohol. At Reach we have a multitude of preparative SFC systems allowing us to efficiently process a wide variety of samples, ranging from a few milligrams to several hundred grams.