Reach Separations is your go to chromatography provider from discovery through to early development.

We have the expertise and instrumentation to support your project from discovery (milligrams) through to early development (kilograms) and beyond. Our extensive suite of analytical UHPLC-MS and SFC-MS provides access to a large variety of screening options and problem solving capabilities.

Discovery Chromatography

Starting with method development for reaction monitoring, EE determinations or final purity assessments, we have both the equipment and the range of stationary phases to help solve your analytical challenges.

When separating racemates, whether you need a few milligrams for initial biological assays or a few grams as an intermediate we can supply high quality material within just a few days of receipt.

For achiral separations we can support array chemistry through to scale up and intermediate purification. SFC enables us to tackle purification challenges that may not be solved using traditional reverse phase techniques.

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Large Scale SFC for Chiral Purification

As projects move forward several hundred grams of enantiomer may be required. Developing an asymmetric route can be both time consuming and expensive. We have the large scale SFC instrumentation and automated evaporation capabilities that allow us to process hundreds of grams of racemate a week, allowing chromatography to be a viable route for scale up.

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Impurity isolations

Understanding what your impurities are is always a challenge. Our Impurity Isolation service can provide you with pure samples of unknown impurities. Should your team require a few mgs for identification or a gram as reference material, we can isolate minor components (<0.1%) from hundreds of grams of crude. Working with onsite partners, we can provide an elucidation package to include MS-MS and NMR data.

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